Ness Knight | Cycling Bolivia
EXPLORER, PRESENTER, SPEAKER. My greatest passion lies in exploring my mental and physical limits in some of the world’s most unique locations and terrains.
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Across a country with Laura Bingham

Cycling Bolivia


In March 2016 I boarded a flight across the world to meet with one of my closest friends Laura Bingham and cycle across Bolivia. But this expedition came with a unique twist, as we were travelling with no money whatsoever, relying simply on our resourcefulness to find food and a safe location to camp overnight.


I joined Laura part-way through a 166 day journey that saw her crossing South America from the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, over the Andes, through the Amazon jungle to finish in Buenos Aires, by the Atlantic Ocean. The 10 days I would spend with her were something I couldn’t prepare for, as we went through the extraordinary highs and crashing lows of surviving an endurance journey with no money, and no backup.


ogether we cycled away from Lake Titicaca, through La Paz and south towards Solar de Uyuni. The expedition opened my eyes to a world that so many on our planet experience every day, one that is stripped bare of the comfort of having a safe, warm place to sleep at night and the gut-wrenching knowledge that having one meal a day is good fortune, not a given.


Our route saw us foraging through piles of rotten oranges on the roadside, camping under bridges, beside gas stations and inside salt factories, relying on the goodwill and willingness of complete strangers to help us. It was one of the most unnerving experiences of my life, yet one of the most humbling. Laura’s documentary, following the entire journey of 7000km from Ecuador to Buenos Aires, will be available to watch next year.

March 2016

Expedition Photos