Ness Knight | Pacific Ocean Row
EXPLORER, PRESENTER, SPEAKER. My greatest passion lies in exploring my mental and physical limits in some of the world’s most unique locations and terrains.
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As an endurance athlete and explorer I’ll be setting out to break a new world record, and this time I will be taking on the vast Pacific Ocean, aiming to become the first female in history to row solo and non-stop across the Pacific, from North America to Australia. This means I won’t be setting foot on land for the 7000 miles, and 6-9 months of rowing, that lie between the two continents. I will be filming a documentary of the entire journey, as well as sharing my experiences live from the ocean as they happen.


Some of the biggest threats out in the middle of the ocean are storms, 40 foot waves causing me to roll, oars and water-maker breaking, collision with large vessels and the great likelihood of running out of food.


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Rowing halfway around our planet, solo, unsupported,  in waters filled with some of the richest and most diverse marine life, is one of the greatest expeditions I could hope to embark on in my lifetime. Only two men have ever succeeded rowing solo and non-stop, and few people have even dared to attempt the crossing.


The expedition is expected to take between 180 and 270 days, equating to up to 6,480 hours at sea. I will be completely self reliant, storing all the food, electronics, navigation and communication equipment I will need in hull and cabins of the boat. Fully laden the boat will weigh around 1 ton.



  • The Pacific is the world’s largest ocean, spanning 165.25 million square kilometers (63.8 million square miles) making it larger than all of our planet’s land mass combined.
  • The 3 toughest sections of the row are expected to be breaking away from North America, crossing the equatorial current and surviving severe storms and hurricanes.
  • Training for the row will involve both physical and psychological training, as the mental fortitude needed is a critical part of preparing for 6-9 months of solitude in such an extreme and remote environment.
Explorer & Broadcaster


“What Ness is hoping to achieve is the ultimate in physical and mental extreme challenges. It takes guts, determination and probably a little bit of madness to even think about attempting something like this, but Ness has proven herself over and again to be one of the shining lights in record breaking adventure and stands as good a chance as anyone. Rowing solo across the Pacific is one of the hardest expeditions there is so make sure to watch this space!”



“Having spent time on expedition with Ness in Bolivia I can vouch that she is the real deal. Her professional manner and calm head gave me huge confidence in her as an adventurer. If Ness were to achieve what no woman has done to date she will have pushed back the boundaries of what is humanly possible.”

NASA Astronaut


“It would take a force of nature with nerves of steel to conquer the mighty Pacific Ocean. My friend, elite endurance athlete Ness Knight is that force of nature. I have complete faith in her ability to become the first woman in history to row solo and non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. God Speed on your epic journey Ness!”



“What I love more than anything about this expedition, more than the scale of the challenge, is that Ness is rowing directly into her biggest fears. She is an inspiration to females across the globe.”



“I’m in complete awe of Ness’ attempt to row the Pacific. When she completes this expedition she will go down in history as one of the bravest and most extraordinary adventurers. Its a huge feat to even try to attempt. I’m so proud to know her personally, and have so much faith in her abilities. She is brave, rational, intelligent and has so much flare. In my opinion she is a quintessential woman.”


 Ness will establish a new world record, becoming the first female in history to row across the Pacific solo, non-stop and unsupported.


She will be taking all the food and equipment needed to singlehandedly row 7000miles across the world’s largest ocean; a journey that will not be possible without the crucial support of financial, equipment and gear sponsors. A documentary of the row will be created, following Ness as she takes on the toughest endurance challenge on the planet and you are invited to be a part of it. There are a number of sponsorship packages available, all gaining from a strong partnership, long-term global media exposure and reams of inspirational content.


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